Helen Harrington BA Mod (MSISS) QFA

A graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, Helen is an independent consultant who specialises in supporting the leadership teams of religious congregations in all aspects of current and future resource planning. She provides a range of advisory services to congregations as they face increasing challenges in a changing world.


Notable achievements have been:

 Developed a complex demographic and financial model for a congregation based across 30 countries. 

 Assisted a congregation with the process of re-structuring their Provinces across three continents into a single congregation structure.

 Completed more than ten congregational resource studies of varying sizes allowing for cultural, governance and financial challenges in each continent.

 Assisted a multi-congregational organisation based in Africa with the development of appropriate financial management and governance structures.

 Developed a structured template for donor funding proposals for an African Province. 

Helen Harrington & Associates
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