Our Philosophy

Our 25-year experience working with and for not-for-profits and charities has led to the development of an open, collaborative and transparent style which we have found is much valued by our clients. 

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The principles underpinning the way we work are as follows:

   We listen to our clients and take care to
      understand what is required.

   We agree what is deliverable.

   We undertake to keep clients updated on all
      aspects of the work, promptly and regularly
      throughout the project.

   We provide added value by sharing our knowledge
      of the sector, sector issues, and experience at no extra cost.

   We ensure that our clients' expectations are met 100% of the time.

We are very aware that the costs associated with our work impact immediately on your valuable reserves, and therefore take on only those projects where we can ensure that you will see value being added. Furthermore, if we are not suited for the work, we will on request signpost you to other professionals that we know and trust who may be able to assist your organisation with its project.

Our initial discussions are free of charge, enabling you to take those first steps with confidence but without cost.

Please do contact us and we can discuss your specific requirements.