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Don’t Be A Dodo!

Posted by Mark Freeman
Mark Freeman
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on Wednesday, 20 June 2012 in Freeman Blog

I noticed the other day in an article about the state of funding in the NFP sector that some of the big trusts and foundations were surprised that they had not had more requests for grants or funds.  Perhaps one reason could be a perception that the funds on offer were not focused on areas that the sector needs?

However, on closer inspection this was not the case - in fact a number of the funds are focused specifically at the changes that our sector needs to be thinking about or undertaking to why the lack of requests?

Perhaps it’s more about the sector’s reluctance to change, and to accept that it is entering a new era?  I still find it amazing that after four years of recession there are still those within the NFP sector who think it will all end in the next year or so or when the next general election takes place - if only!

Those that think this way will be like the dodo bird – sadly missed when they become extinct and even more sadly missed by their beneficiaries.  (Remember, the dodos became extinct because they did not recognise the threat that humans posed to them, and made the job a lot easier by running up to greet us!)

So how to avoid being a dodo?  Here are some dodo-defying steps:

  • Stop thinking of “charity” and run it like a business for the good of your beneficiaries.
  • Examine what you are doing and consider how to best take it forward without grant funding. 
  • Look at the services that you could re-engineer or repackage to provide you with an income stream.
  • Tap into the power of marketing, publicity and awareness-raising.
  • Consider who you might want to combine resources with to ensure that you survive.

Need help?  It’s quite a challenge to avoid the temptation of reverting back to the good old days, and to focus on driving forward to even greater strengths.  Here are some of the programmes that can assist in looking at new ways of operating, working with others and not being a dodo!

Resource Funding Programmes

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