Haines Watts

Haines Watts is a UK top fifteen firm of accountants and business advisors, with a network of 50 offices throughout the country, offering a wide variety of accountancy and tax planning services across a range of business sectors.

Constantly changing rules mean that not-for-profit organisations in particular need more than just good intentions to survive in today’s climate. Haines Watts Swindon has a dedicated charity and NFP department, headed up by specialist partner Sue Plumb.  Sue, with over 20 years experience in the profession, provides audit services to over 30 NFP entities, including a number of religious congregations. 

Sue’s overall aim is to ensure that clients receive a first class service with an input of resources that delivers excellent value for money. She is directly involved in all aspect of the audit process to ensure that audit resource is directed and used in the most efficient way.

Haines Watts are a genuinely partner lead organisation which believes that the audit process is far more efficient and effective with significant partner involvement. 

Haines Watts Swindon, as an established firm of chartered accountants and business advisors, has the audit expertise that your organisation needs.